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Scheduling Calendar

Parents are encouraged to spend time with their children, so we offer as flexible scheduling as the family needs. Parents fill out a calendar each month as their contract for hours.


I lost/forgot my password.  How do I reset it?

Call the Center (605) 697-6624 or email  

How do I make sure the Center has received my calendar and my child will be scheduled?

After your fill out your calendar for the month, click "SUBMIT".  This will ensure the calendar is delivered to our online system.

What if I have to change my calendar?

If you have to change your calendar, please edit the day online and email the Front Desk about this change. 

Do I still need to fill out the calendar if my child will not be attending?

If your child will be gone, please leave the date blank (DO NOT leave a comment such as "gone" or "not here").  If your child will be gone for the whole month, and you are planning on attending again the next month (you are not terminating your care with us), please click "Submit" on your blank calendar so we know you didn't just forget to fill it out.

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