Peace Lutheran Elementary School started in the fall of 2016 with Kindergarten.  Our Early Childhood Center began in 1998 with 20 children.  It was always the goal to start an Elementary School.  In face, we seriously looked into the issue in 1997 prior to the opening of the Early Childhood Center. 
Our Elementary School follows all the academic standards set by the State of South Dakota.  Our teachers are State Certified, and our curriculum for the basic subjects comes from the Brookings School District (Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Social Studies...).  We also have weekly classes in music and sign language.
Or School emphasizes: (1) faith based education with daily Bible time, and weekly chapel services, (2) individualized education with small interactive class sizes, and (3) experiential learning where we go on field trips several times a month.
Peace Elementary is one of 880 schools operated by churches of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod.  Lutheran Education shares Christ's love through the interaction of students, teachers, and families.  It differs from public school in that the focus is also on our God who created and sustains the world; on Christ Jesus who saved us through his death and resurrection; and on the Holy Spirit who creates and keeps us in the one true faith.